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About Us

SureCell Karachi Australian Stem Cell Clinic is affiliated with Surecell Australia with a clear focus on using evidence-based techniques in stem cell therapies specific to osteoarthritis and other joint disorders. SureCell Karachi Australian Stem Cell Clinic’s therapies use high dosage mesenchymal stem cell preparations that have been shown to improve pain and function and to stimulate tissue regeneration. Other ‘stem cell’ clinics commonly use techniques that result in therapies that have less than 10% stem cells. SureCell Karachi Australian Stem Cell Clinic only provides stem cell treatments based on high dosage expanded and 100% pure stem cells, that are also banked for later use.
Surecell Australia is a leading educator in autologous PRP and stem cell therapy. Dr. Peter Lewis and his team provide training for doctors and nurses and allied health involved in regenerative medicine. Dr. Peter Lewis has trained doctors and their staff from many countries around the worldand various states in Australia read more

How It Works


The Patient’s own adipose tissue to provide fat to collect stem cells .

Lipo ( Fat) Harvesting From Patient

We check the cells meet international quality standards and ensure they are sterile and safe for a human patient. Cells are cultured and expanded

In House Lab Processing

The high potent stem cells are injected into the patient’s affected joint(s) by a Orthopedic Surgeons.


Why Choose Us ?

Our Cutting-Edge Technology imported from Australia by our team of Australian scientists is successfully treating Our patients. Moreover our State of the Art Laboratory has been designed for Stem Cell technology, which is first time ever in Pakistan.

SureCell Karachi Australian Stem Cell Orthopedic Clinic is affiliated with Surecell australia

Orthopaedic Stem Cell Therapy

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT) is an innovative treatment for degenerative injuries. It uses the body’s natural healing process to accelerate and enhance recovery. The adipose-derived stem cell is safer and more easily accessible than other stem cell alternatives. How does it work? The stem cells promote growth and regeneration by releasing growth factors, which stimulate cells to multiply and form new tissue. The stem cells and growth factors also work by reducing the “oedema” or bruising of the underlying bone which allows better flow of blood to the cartilage. This means more nutritients such as oxygen can help the cartilage to heal.ASCT is much more potent than PRP and lasts longer, meaning severer cases see better results.

XCell Therapy

XCell therapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses blood-derived stem cells to promote healing. It can treat many illnesses and enhance appearance and wellbeing.
The stem cells are harvested from a vein, similar to donating blood. After being processed in the lab, the isolated and activated stem cells can be injected intravenously or into a site of injury. As XCell therapy uses only your own blood stem cells, there is minimal risk of allergic or foreign-body reactions.
XCell therapy releases concentrated and activated stem cells that induce healing and promote regeneration. When these cells are injected into your bloodstream, they exhibit a homing capacity which means that they travel to where they are needed.
What can be treated:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle and tendon injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Stroke (Brain Trauma)
  • Cosmetic (hair, face)
  • Sexual dysfunction and enhancement
    Female Sexual Health

Our Team

Akstemcell is affiliated with surecell Australia. Surecell has an extensive network of clinics and doctors. We are at the forefront of the industry with our enormous data base. This means that Surecell doctors know which conditions can be treated and how a patients age and severity of condition will affect their chance of success. This knowledge means we can advise what treatment will be best for you


MBBS, FAARM, Dip Sports Med

Dr. Mirza Tasawer Baig

Ph.D (Pharmacy)

Dr. Muhammad Latif.

consultant orthopedic surgeon

affiliated with Surecell australia